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Can't power on Model Code UN65NU6950FX2A

(Topic created: 12-31-2022 10:27 PM)
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I have a Samsung TV
Model Code = UN65NU6950FX2A
Version = FA01/UNU7090

I got it used.
I am not even sure it works.
I am unable to get it to power on.

When plugged in the standby light is on.
I don't have physical remote.
Physical power on button is either broken or missing.

I downloaded and installed the SmartThings App on my phone and was hoping to use it to control (power on) the TV. The app recognizes that the TV is there and asks for the code that appears on the TV screen. Since I can't power on the TV I can't get the code, this seems to be a dead end.

I tried to get help via chat but was told to do things I had already tried: check that standby light is on; attempt to power on TV using remote control; press power button on bottom of TV.

Next, I tried calling support hot-line number 1-800-726-7864 and reached a lady in the Philippines.
Her accent was a bit difficult to understand, but it was very obvious that she was much more technically knowledgeable then the person supporting chat.
She indicated that Samsung TVs 2017-2020 use a standard remote control, so I could borrow a remote from another Samsung TV and try using it to power on my TV.

Until I borrow a remote, I am trying to explore other options.

Other options I am considering are:

Connect HDMI cable with an active video signal from my laptop and see if that causes the TV to power on. Does this model support that feature? If so, which HDMI input should be used?

Connect TV to my router via Ethernet cable.
Log into my router and see what IP address is assigned to the TV.
Enter that IP address into a browser and see if I can connect.
This presumes that the TV has a web interface/GUI.
Does this model have a web interface/GUI?

Does anyone have any other ideas how I can power on the TV?
I don't want to spend any money trying to power on the TV only to discover that the TV has other problems, In that case I'd probably just give it away or recycle it.


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The code is just zeros '0'