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Connecting S21+ and UN60H7150 TV

(Topic created: 06-13-2022 03:07 PM)
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I have a Samsung S21+ that has the May 2022 version of Smart Things.  We also have a Samsung UN60H7150 OLED TV, that is running software version T-MST14AKUC-2230.0.  At first I was able to connect my phone to the TV and "cast" something from phone onto TV.  When I look at the Smart Things app on my phone, sometimes it shows the TV not available -- even when I change input to screen mirroring??

Of late, this does not seem to work.  Both devices are on the same internet -- and I know the TV is on the internet because NetFlix works on it; additionally, I know the phone is on the internet as our router show it on the network and I can, of course, access the internet without mobile data on.

I have several questions:

  • Is the software on the TV up to date? 
  • If not, how do I get the most current  since every time I click on update now, the TV says that's it -- is there a web site to download this software?
  • Most importantly, how do I check things out so that I can consistently connect my phone to the TV -- it's quite aggravating that sometimes it works and other times not?


Thank you very much

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