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Damaged products and held refunds

(Topic created: 06-30-2022 05:15 PM)
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I purchased a 75" television and it took almost a month to be delivered after 3 delivery reschedules and 7.5 hours late on the actual deliver day. It was only delivered because I made multiple calls to the service. The delivery service was not FedEx, USPS, or UPS. It was a service I never heard of and the delivery vehicle was a very old beat up mini van. My TV was throw into the back lopsided leaning crooked over other boxes with broken nylon straps. The TV was brought inside. The next day I opened the TV to set it up and there was a crack in the screen (most likely from being thrown into the van the way it was). I contacted Samsung for a replacement and they had me send the item back via FedEx. The item was taken by FedEx using their delivery label and Samsung now says they will not release my payment until 10-15 days after receipt. (disputed with credit card). Then they say they will price match the sale price for my TV but the TV is no longer available and will not offer me the next available same size TV at price match. Also I had multiple agents hang up on me over the coarse of plenty of phone calls. Has anyone ever had issues like this with Samsung? Am I just lucky or is this common practice by this company. I think I'm switching to LG now. I was told to write a letter to their offices in New Jersey because no one will help me at this point.

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