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Emailed CEO -disappointed

(Topic created: 04-19-2023 08:07 AM)
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We bought our first large tv in 12/21, 70" LED flat screen. Two months ago, we noticed a white horizontal line.  I chatted with customer service and what I was told was that because it is out of warranty, I will be charged of service but it's not worth it.  So he tried to sell me a new tv.  I've had Samsung appliances and tried a tv.  Not only am I disgusted with the tv that failed only 14 months after purchased, I'm also disgusted with customer service.

The tv is fairly new and after reading the Samsung Community, it seems the problem is a manufacturer defect yet, they want to charge me or sell me a new tv?!!  I'm furious and so I emailed the CEO which is an option on the website.  I will not buy a new tv.  What I will do is file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the state's AG consumer office.

I tried troubleshooting the issue on my own.  I've tried everything and the problem remains.  Any suggestion?

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Cosmic Ray
4K, 8K and Other TVs
Kind of in the same boat. So furious my TV is 3 days past warranty and was literally told to buy a new TV by Samsung support smh. Whay really makes me angry is our issue is common amd so cheap for them to fix these tvs are pocket change for them. I FaceTimed with a TV repair guy and he said it's not severe and should be $50 to $75 bucks. Samsung said $300-500 without even knowing what was wrong. Since The last update my TV hast been right. Sorry man. I suggest contacted a local mom amd pop TV repair shop. From reviews it seems like they are still in business by providing great service