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Flashing during gaming on OLED S90C 65’

(Topic created: 11-29-2023 01:31 AM)
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After months of research, last month it was decided that I would get a OLED S90C 65’ tv. 

The item is only a few weeks old but whenever it is used for gaming (on any game mode as well as standard mode and VRR off) the tv screen flashes.

This has happened in online games such as Rocket League (on xbox series X) as well as single player games such as Crash Bandicoot remake (on PS5) 

The device seems to be experiencing light adjustment problems while gaming as well as watching movies where it attempts to make darks much darker and brights much brighter than they should be (different modes tested for this as well). Unsure if it’s related to the gaming issue but if not then it is a secondary problem. 

Is there any way to fix this issue as it is greatly affecting the game play and performance as well as it’s kind of sad to see as this product was chosen due to no such issues having been reported. 

Please help. 

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4K, 8K and Other TVs

Found that by switching picture game mode to sports has stopped this similar issue with Rocket league