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Installed memory and required applications

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I have a UN55MU6071 Samsung TV.

Upon initial set up, I enabled both Software Updates in Settings and Auto updates in the Apps settings.

Since ownership, I would occasionally access Apps settings and discover new apps pushed onto the TV without my knowledge.  I deleted them, when allowed. 

Recently, I have not been able to access Prime Video from Amazon, presumably because of low memory (it was under 20%).  I searched online and discovered many other community users with the similar TV models (UN55MU6XXX or UN58MU6XXX) who have also reported memory issues.  Unfortunately, most of the solutions provided appear to have not worked for those users.

Because of the Prime Video issue, I have also recently disabled Software Update and Auto update Apps, deleted more Apps and I currently have 20% memory remaining (much more than some other Samsung TV owners have reported), but I have two questions that Samsung needs to address:

1) I have deleted some Apps pushed onto my TV, only to discover that the Apps are still listed later, requiring me to delete them again.  Why are the deleted Apps reinstalling themselves?

2) Most importantly, why is Samsung pushing Apps to our TVs that take up so much memory without the option of deleting?  Specifically and unfortunately, prior to disabling Auto update in Apps settings, "Viaplay" was installed and cannot be deleted. 

Why is that example important?  Upon exploring the channel, it appears to be Scandinavian programming, some of which requires subtitles.  Why is that specific App being forced onto Samsung TV owners in the USA? 

What contract was signed by Samsung which does not allow Viaplay and other Apps to not be deleted by the CUSTOMER (note the key word "customer") when they will not subscribe or use those apps?

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