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OTT+ Player Won't Login To Stream On Samsung UA75TU8000

(Topic created: 07-31-2022 11:56 AM)
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Trying to log in and access a streaming endpoint using OTT+ Player (https://ottplus.net/ott-player)

OTT+ Player is on the app store linked to the TV, but the player refuses to log into the stream and doesn't provide an error message. I have confirmed that the stream works on another streaming app on the TV.

Make and Model: Samsung UA75TU8000

I am able to install the app on the TV, but I am nog able to log into a specific stream at all. Whenever I click on the login button nothing happens. No error message is returned.

What I have tried:
I have reset the TV to factory settings;
I have updated the TV to the latest firmware and OS;
I have verified that the stream + credentials are correct;
I have download another stream app to verify that I can log in and view content


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