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One Connect Failure - what can I do next other than buy a new one?

(Topic created: 04-23-2022 05:07 PM)
4K, 8K and Other TVs

After working perfectly for a few years, I turned on my Samsung UN65MU8500 and all I got was no signals on every single one of the 4 previously working HDMI Inputs. Moved the cable box and the Roku box to another TV and NO problems whatsoever.

Called Samsung tech support and they said it was either the One Connect box or the one connect cable input on the TV itself.

Where can I take the One Connect box to have it tested to see if it is the box or the input on the HDTV?

I am still watching TV via the HDTV using the ethernet connection to the internet, so we know the TV still works.... kinda.

I live alone and my 19 year old Buster dog was put to sleep back about a year ago, so TV is my only companion right now.




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