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One Connect box NLA… not ok!!

(Topic created: 04-26-2022 02:59 PM)
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Anyone got a spare BN91-17814W laying around?! My 2016 tv came with a BN91-17814W one connect box which vanished when it came out of storage where it was for 2.5 years… This television was only used for a couple of years and is still a basically new TV, but Samsung doesn’t make these pups anymore and so the only way to get one is on eBay where they are fetching $250 (!).  Then we have the issue of them being rather unreliable in the first place so there’s no telling how long a way over priced used replacement one will even last before I’m **bleep** again.  This is the worst sort of corporate planned obsolescence bull cookies… Got a perfectly good basically newish TV and I can’t use it or sell it because the wee connector hub is no longer available.   5 years is not a reasonable functional lifespan for a TV!! SHAME ON YOU Samsung.  There’s some bad juju coming your way. Please make some more one connect boxes or make a universally compatible model.  It is not complicated technology and you are going to lose customers (such as myself) over a part that probably costs what, $10-15 to make? SMH…

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