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Picture settings

(Topic created: 06-30-2022 03:25 PM)
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TV is a 65Q60

Two questions:

First, the tv keeps turning on in Settings > Picture > Picture Size Settings > Fit To Screen. I turn it off, it turns itself back on. And it vertically shrinks the picture so that 1.85:1 images have a letterbox top and bottom, which it should not.

The other thing is, I know there’s a way to get to a usage meter, hours the TV has been on, but I forget how. The tv does not have a remote with number keys like all of the online geniuses demonstrating how to get into the secret or service menu show. I have the narrow remote with 9 buttons and two bars.


Edit 7/7/22

Great, no one here gives a **bleep**, just like Samsung. Never buy another Samsung product again. Never, ever.

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