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QN900A pixelation

(Topic created: 05-16-2022 06:21 PM)
4K, 8K and Other TVs

Hello all and first post here.  I have a QN900A I purchased in February and seem to be getting a very odd pixelation on most content, and very noticeable in white scenes.  It has a strange wavey effervescent look to it.  I’ve been seeing for at least a month, not sure if it was doing it before. 
Source is an AppleTV 4K, 2021 version, and main content is YouTube TV.  Apple TV is connected to an Integra DRX-3.4 8K receiver and then out to the one connect box. 
I am thinking it’s the receiver trying to upscale to 8k, not sure on that theory.  I plan to move the ATV to the one connect box and try that to compare.  Has anyone else had this issue?


Thanks in advance. 

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