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4K, 8K and Other TVs

I will be clear here without stories. So Samsung engineers or whatever works on software on this tv read this you have a big community mad about things on this tv specially when cost more than $2000

1. Well this tv have this problems

1. Fight with blacks when have a entire black picture movie do like a black mud and crush the picture so badly its like a local dimming fighting there and didn't work properly happen on sdr and hdr

2. In movies or tv show with fast moving scenes the tv do a little shaking picture and create artifact  and yes I play with the setting 

3. I need like all days need to reset the tv because the local dimming stock on low its so annoying and to many owners have this same problem.

4. The blooming its insane in some moments not all the time when subtitles appears in some moments do and other don't its so weird

5. In game mode when the ps5 have a game with VRR in the gamebar didn't shows vrr on but in picture mode you can see HDR VRR .

6. Gaming have same experience with black scenes when its the picture goes black the entire screen the black didn't go black goes grey and crush some details because the local dimming fight with the picture this happen in gaming and using in regular time movies tv shows etc

Talking about hardware well I'm a  worry right now because yesterday I figure it out I have a CSOT PANEL on this tv. It likely has a cheap panel when this tv cost me $3,128 plus warranty I need to know more about this if this its the cause of all my issues or if all 75 qn90a in USA comes with the CSOT panel I read like this panel its the same use TCL for their panels and that panels sucks because led life its short and have other picture issues .. why Samsung why? I want to know. Because I paid fir this about your promos and I have a very different tv you said . I purchase this on best buy brand new and they didn't have on stock I wait like 2 weeks  I have 4 months with this tv.. ITS LIKE  you sold a car saying have 340 horsepower and received a 100 horsepower car. I told this here because if I go to chat and speak with a Samsung chat support you will ask about if I purchase this from you like if in another place its not the same stuff . Do something I will return this tv  and I'm always have Samsung TV's so


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