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S95B fragile

(Topic created: 11-30-2023 12:34 PM)
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Accidentally touched the screen when i has pointing something and a spot appeared. I tried to clean it with a microfiber cloth and a stain was still visible at some angles. I clean it more and a bigger spot appear from the respited friction of the cloth and the screen, the original stain from the finger is visible.

This screen is absurdly fragile or did i do something wrong?

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
4K, 8K and Other TVs

I know how aggravating that can be! Something similar happened to my mom's TV (different brand) a few months back; it was the perfect excuse for her to get a new TV since she'd been wanting to purchase a newer TV seeing as that one was so old.  I'm not sure what your TV's mark looks like but this troubleshooting link has steps that can hopefully get rid of them.


If the spot is still there, service would be recommended. For assistance with service, you can reach out to us through any of the methods listed below.

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