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S95B randomly rebooting, correlation with "Screen Optimization"

(Topic created: 01-31-2023 06:21 AM)
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I've had an S95B (55") for around a month now.  The firmware is not the most recent (1420) but 1310 I believe.

We are not demanding people, all we do is stream (Fubo, Netflix, Disney), no gaming.  I do have a Samsung soundbar connected via ARC, but no other HDMI devices (in fact I've never even plugged an HDMI device into the TV).

One thing that's perplexed me about the TV since we got it is that there seems to be a correlation between "Screen Optimization" and the TV randomly rebooting.  This is the message I am referring to:

"Screen Optimization - the next time you turn the power off from the remote control, Screen Optimization will run automatically to make the screen clearer"

This appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen every so often.  The best I can research is that the TV is supposed to do this after so many cumulative hours of on time.  Searching more it seems that this supposedly can be "disabled" by changing a setting in the Menu (see this thread): 

LINK (EDIT, cannot insert URL so here's the thread in question 2340553 just search it)

The issue is that I have nothing HDMI plugged in (sans ARC soundbar), and the option outlayed in that menu is greyed out.  If the Optimization is linked to HDMI settings, I don't know why I'm getting it since I don't have any HDMI items connected to the TV as inputs.

At any rate, it seems if I don't turn the TV off shortly after getting that message, the set will randomly reboot - screen will freeze for 5 seconds or so, go black, then eventually come back to the home screen.  Sometimes the "OLED" boot screen will show, but not all the time.

Also, the "screen optimization" seems to take some time to complete as there have been times where I've tried turning the TV back on and it's had some notification that the optimization didn't have time to complete.

While I say there seems to be a correlation between the optimization and reboots, it's not a very hard and fast correlation.  There are times when the set will be on for several hours with no issues, then I'll get several reboots in a row.  Having to navigate through the menu back to streaming is a PITA this way.  I am beginning to wonder if I got a bum set, but exchanging will be a hassle.

Next I am thinking of putting the set on a smart plug to "unplug" it at night.  Can't say that will work, just tossing random stuff out before I replace the set.  I'm also contemplating upgrading to the most recent firmware but it seems that's fraught with issues as well.

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I 'm having the same problem. The screen optimization NEVER runs. But I am sick of turning the TV off to come back 10 minutes later to find its powered itself on sitting on the no signal screen. FIX THIS


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I too have this problem, exactly as described by  Members_ZSF 1Jd7. My TV does go through the screen optimization cycle and it takes 5-10' to reboot. 

What is slightly different is that my firmware is up to date with the most recent and my black level is set to low and is greyed out (ie I can't change the setting).

Any help in trying to fix this recurrent problem which seems to now occur every day or every other day would be beneficial.