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Samsung stole my money!

(Topic created: 05-25-2022 09:10 AM)
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I ordered a Samsung freestyle projector in January this year. It was on pre-order so it arrived a month later on Feb 21. The first day the item did not work so I contacted support and was to to ship it in for repair. I received a text on March 1 that the item was received and to allow two weeks for repair. 30 days later! I finally contacted Samsung for an update on my item. I was told they were waiting on a replacement part and would contact me within a week with my repaired item. Two weeks later, April 14, I contacted Samsung support about my item only to be told the projector could not be fixed and I would be refunded.

I sent info that was asked and was notified via text on April 17, my refund was approved. I contacted Samsung on April 23, regarding my refund status and was told I would receive a citibank link no later than April 27th. Again I waited patiently. I contacted Samsung on May 17th, regarding my refund. I was told that since the refund department had not received the item from the repair department, I could not get a refund. As like all previous calls, I was told that my case would be expedited, they are sorry, nothing they can do but put in a note, and someone should contact you. I called again today May 25th and was told the exact same thing as if I was talking to the exact same customer service rep. 

Bottom line is, I purchased a product I never got to use. Samsung has had the item in their possession for almost two months. I cannot get a refund because of "internal logistics", that have absolutely nothing to do with me. I asked the rep, "well what happens if you never get the item? I don't get my refund?" He would not answer the question. 

This to me is theft! Samsung has their defective product. They have approved a refund and are now refusing to return almost $1000. This is my first time going through Samsung support and I must say this has by far been the worst technical support I have ever dealt with from any company. Although the service representatives are very polite I have yet to actually feel any SUPPORT from samsung. This is unacceptable and I need answers!


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4K, 8K and Other TVs
Sad that happened to u but file bbb claim if u paid with your card call and dispute it. Samsung is no longer a great service to me anymore. Good luck....