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TV PLus Nightmare

(Topic created: 10-28-2022 01:45 PM)
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Samsung auto switches my TV to TV Plus once a week, even though I don't want to watch TV Plus. And it always says that I don't have internet access, even though I do. In fact I pay extra to my cable company to have one of their fastest speeds, And the TV used the same internet access to update the firmware without any issues. Why is that?

It wouldn't be so bad if I could just switch the TV away from TV Plus, but No, it couldn't be that easy.

Today I watch TV for a while . Turned the TV off, but left the cable box on. Later I came back and turned on the TV and it had switched to TV Plus. I reached for the remote to switch the HDMI back to the cable box, but before I could the TV put up a screen that said I had no internet access (even though I do have internet access!). And then I couldn't switch the HDMI because Samsung was trying to endlessly connect to TV Plus. I shut off the TV and turned it back on, but then I only had a blank black screen. And none of the buttons on the remote would work. I even bought a universal remote because I thought the original was faulty because of this same thing happening week after week, but no, no, no, neither remote would work. They would not even shut off the TV. Even tried the toggle on the back. No dice. Had to unplug the TV. I had to unplug it and plug back in 6 times, before I finally got a screen where I could change the HDMI back to the cable box.

This same ordeal happens once every week because Samsung thinks it's good idea to try to get me to watch TV Plus even though I have no interest in watching this service. And in fact, I won't ever watch it after the heavy handed way Samsung has tried to shove this service down my throat.

Samsung needs to fix their firmware so that the TV does not try to auto switch the TV to TY Plus once a week.  (Every time the above problem occurs, the TV has switched to TV Plus, so I know that is what is happening.) If indeed, it thinks there is no internet access, then it should just abort trying to connect instead of going into some endless loop where the TV is unusable.)

I have already updated the firmware (using the internet that doesn't work). I have reset the internet connection and even updated Samsung tv plus (all using the internet that doesn't work.) Seems to me it's Samsung's faulty firmware that doesn't work.

Please fix the firmware so it doesn't auto switch to TV Plus anymore. I remind you that I bought and paid for this TV and it is I who gets to decide what I and watch and when. Stop trying to switch me to TV Plus!





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To turn this off, go to Settings >  General > Smart Features > Disable the Autorun Smart Hub