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TV Screen Randomly Blacks Out

(Topic created: 04-20-2022 04:52 AM)
4K, 8K and Other TVs

I bought a 65” QN800A 8k in December. I started using my Xbox Series X on it and at random times the screen will go back, sometimes for 1/2 a second, others for 4-5 seconds. And it’s at random times. Sometimes it will only happen once in 5 hours, sometimes it will happen 6-7 times in 10 minutes. At first I thought it was an HDMI issue, so I ungraded my HDMI cable to a 2.1 and it still persisted. I seen in other forums that it could have been a “Game Mode” issue, so I tried with that set to On, Off, and Auto, and the problem was still happening. Looking for any insight. It only happens between my Xbox and TV, not with my Switch or entertainment system.

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4K, 8K and Other TVs
I have this same exact issue.