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TV cam auto focus

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4K, 8K and Other TVs

Does any one know how to fix TV slim camera focus while having video calls?. 

It focuses pretty badly. Focus is mostly somewhere to the celing and all...


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Community Manager
4K, 8K and Other TVs

Hey! Thank you so much for trusting in our community. The slim-fit camera is an awesome purchase and I want to make sure you can enjoy it fully. So fear not! There are certain connections and settings that just need to be checked.


1.) Check to see if the camera is attached correctly

The Slim Fit camera attaches to the back of the monitor or TV via magnets and a USB-C port. Connect the adapter to the terminal of the camera body and attach the camera to the correct port on the back of the device. It should be centered when facing the device.

Navigate to Menu > Connected Devices. Check to see if the camera image is displayed on the screen. If no image is appearing, remove the camera and reattach it to the connection point on the device.


2.) Check the USB source settings menu

Depending on your USB Source setup, the source that your camera can use may vary. 

Navigate to Settings > All Settings > Connections > External Device Manager > USB Source Setup


A) Auto: This is the default setting. This will ensure that the camera connected to the device will be in use depending on the display status.

B) USB-C: This setting uses a camera that is connected to the monitor via USB-C only.

C) Monitor: Use a camera attached to the monitor only, will not recognize USB-C.



3.) I would ensure that the lens is cleaned with a microfiber cloth.


4.) You can also try repositioning the camera. It may just not like where it's sitting.


Thank you so much for being a part of the Samsung Community!