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TV switches from one program option to another on its own

(Topic created: 04-23-2022 06:37 PM)
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I don't care what Board this is; this is probably the wrong one. It appears to be an attempt to prevent the user/owner from commenting. Actually, I tried to go to help with the same problem. I think Samsung does not want to help. Anyway, why does my Samsung smart tv arbitrarily take me from Newsmax after an hour of watching it to USA Today? If I wanted to watch USA Today, I would have selected it. When I tried to go back to Newsmax, the tv told me there was no signal. Hogwash; I was using my pc at the same time, and they are both on the same wireless. I powered the tv off, powered it on, and restarted Newsmax with no problem. If this type of behavior continues, I will toss this and buy another tv...one that lets me watch what I want to watch. I find the user interface horrible anyway. Sometimes it is almost impossible to tell what you have selected on the menu bar. There are a whole pot-load of other issues.

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