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TV won't work when projector is connected to other HDMI output on AVP

(Topic created: 06-15-2022 12:39 PM)
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I have a Marantz AVP7702mkii and have a UN65TU7000FXZA Samsung TV connected via it's HDMI Monitor 1 out and my Optima projector connected via it's HDMI Monitor 2 out and is set for dual output. Every source, dvd, bluray, Roku, etc. is viewable just fine on the projector but when I try to see any source on the Samsung TV it does not sense any signal. The only way to see a source on the Samsung is to choose Monitor 1 out ONLY (as compared to dual output) or unplug the HDMI from the projector. The Samsung TV is doing something, auto detecting or something funky. I've turned off the Allnet setting, even access the service menu but don't see anything to fix this. Any ideas or help?

I'm using all 8K ultra premium HDMI cables...and have tried numerous cables so it's not that. I've read a lot about Samsung TV's and their HDMI handshake issues, so I believe I've encountered another bug of sorts. I know the HDMI ports "look" or autodetect when a cable is connected and the only thing I can think is that it's "seeing" the other connected device? Meaning my AVP is not closing the doorway to the other monitor out and the Samsung senses it? Help...how can I fix this? My only other thought is to try a separate matrix HDMI switcher and see if that remedies things?

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