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Trouble with Samsung 58" TV

(Topic created: 06-29-2022 08:03 AM)
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I have a Samsung 58” TV. A little over 1 year in use, the TV will no longer control my Verizon cable box. I’ve been back and forth with Verizon and Samsung. Both companies pointing the finger at the other as far as who’s fault this is. Verizon support went above and beyond trying to help solve this issue. We upgraded the firmware and software of the Verizon set top box. We swapped out the box with another unit in my house. They even trying to help with adjusting the settings on my TV but no luck. The tech I worked with happened to own a Samsung TV and was walking me through various settings with no luck. The Verizon tech walked me through the same settings Samsung tech’s walked me through as well.


Now back to Samsung support. Every time I called in for support, their phone system was smart enough to know it was me calling back regarding the same ticket. Unfortunately, when the Samsung tech picked up, I would have to re-explain the issue. I lost count on how many Tech’s I spoke with regarding this issue. At one point during all this, I asked for 2nd level support. They agreed and sent my support issue to second level support. They emailed me back with the same support links phone support already provided me. I was so frustrated I asked to speak with a manager. They agreed to call me back at an agreed upon time. No one from Samsung called.


At this point, I’ve done everything but replace the TV: I’ve replaced the remote, I’ve replace the HDMI cables, I’ve factory reset the TV. I’ve swapped the STB. I’ve worked with Verizon and tried using several different Verizon set top box settings. Nothing has fixed the TV issue. Samsung uses what I’m guessing is a standard line, “We don’t support 3rd party devices.” This is a cop out especially when their TV was working fine for over a year with the Verizon set top box. Nothing changed on Verizon’s side and not sure if something changed on the TV side. It’s hard to determine if the TV stopped working the set top box because of an automatic update or not.


After a number of calls and complaining, Samsung finally agreed to send out a repair service. They gave me the following number to call 201-672-9502. I tried calling for two days. I waited on hold for over 30 minutes before the line cut out. There were times when the hold would eventually allow me to leave a message, which no one called back. I finally called Samsung direct and yelled at them asking what kind of service are they are providing. They finally “scheduled” a service for me when I would be home. The next day, I had a call from the service center to schedule a time. I called several times that day but had the same issues with the calls dropping when on hold or was offered to leave a message. When I called back, they said they could schedule me at another day and time. Apparently, what Samsung doesn’t tell customers, is they can take preferred dates and times of when customers will be available. That’s not what I was told. I had to reschedule a tech out to my house on a day I may or may not be available.


Samsung TV’s, and their other products, look great on show room floors. It’s a completely different matter when they are in homes and require support. Just to level set, I have a Samsung counter depth refrigerator which can’t keep ice frozen. I had the ice maker repaired 5 times in 4 years. The refrigerator will be out of warranty this year. I have a LG refrigerator which is 15 years old and never required a repair. I have a Samsung dryer. In the first 3 years, I had it repaired 3 times. The last tech on site showed me where it would most likely need repairs and how to trouble shoot. I’ve fixed it twice on my own. And now the TV requires a repair after 1 year.


Bottom line is, stay away from anything Samsung.

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