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UN65MU800DF live TV pauses momentarily.

(Topic created: 09-30-2023 09:12 AM)
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When watch live tv,Mt he picture/audio will momentarily “pause” for a second or 2 then continue on.  If I rewind the cable box, the picture will pause in the same spot!   The Cable company can’t find anything wrong and changed my cable box with no change.  This only happens on this TV, the other TV’s in our home are fine.   I have the ARC in place since new.  I tried switching the ports on the ARC from the cable box and no change…could the ARC dev be the problem?  How can I connect the cable box directly to the TV and eliminate the ARC device to test this theory?

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4K, 8K and Other TVs
Keep in mind an arc port is for your sound connection. What is likely happening is the box might be switching to an unsupported format and the TV briefly switches. And also keep in mind the TV when first switching to a cable box will do an upcoventing process. This will pause and go blank for a few seconds but then its upconverted to 4k. Try this if possible make sure tv in internet connection and do any software updates. Get a new HDMI cable. Run box to tv in HDMI 1. If you have a sound system run the arc to sound system. In the box output picture settings set it to auto if possible. In the box output sound change it to auto or if not available set it to Dolby and pcm when Dolby is not available. in the TV set the HDMI input plus to on. And HDMI cec on. Set up the cable box with your one remote so that the tv recognizes it as the exact box it is example dish network. You also can do a manufacturer reset to make this process easier do a manufacturer reset plug in and turn on all devices when the TV processes the setup it will automatically seem each device to your TV to be controlled with your one remote and allowing you to have full control and options available with all of your Outsource products might be a good thing to do anyway just to see that will solve some of the issues you're experiencing.