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VESA mount holes vertical placement on 75" TV

(Topic created: 11-26-2022 10:48 AM)
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I've just ordered a Samsung 4K LED 75" (UE75AU7105KXXC) and bought a wall mount kit for mounting this on the wall. I want to set up the wall mount already now, such that it is in place when I get the TV-set.

However, I need to know how high up on the wall I should place the wall mount bracket. I want the edge of the frame higher than the sofa armrest such the the armrest doesn't cover anything.

So, I need to know the distance from the mount holes on the back to the top edge of the screen and also the distance form the low mount hole to the button edge of the screen. Then I will be able to set up the wall mount bracket before the TV-set arrives.

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