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Volume display covers content

(Topic created: 06-21-2022 08:41 PM)
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 Samsung: could you please provide the option to turn off the on screen volume display when a soundbar is attached to the tv.

The volume display covers about a quarter of the screen and tells us: the current volume, the number above that (?!), the number below that (?!), and the name of the source that it is playing from. This is a ton of information that we don't need especially since the soundbar already provides the volume number (and we can hear if it is too loud or too quiet anyways).

There is a long thread on the EU boards that is not getting acknowledged by samsung. Figured it was worth posting on here as well. 


We are only asking for the option to turn this off so we don't have this obnoxious text covering our movies and shows whenever we do a minute adjustment to the volume. 

People paid a lot of money for these devices. It seems like a reasonable ask to not be forced into "features" that we don't need and don't want.

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4K, 8K and Other TVs

+1000 to this! 


I have a Sonos Arc and my 5+ year old Samsung TV did not show the OSD unless I used the Samsung remote or was using the built in TV speakers. I just bought the QN900B and the OSD kinda makes me want to cry each time I see it...please allow us to choose to see this hideous waste of TV screen space or hide it to allow us to change the volumes as we need without having to see the OSD.