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Work around for Smart and Netflix apps freezing/crashing

(Topic created: 07-08-2022 06:16 AM)
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 So I had the classic problem of apps not running on the notorious Tizen OS . This problem led me to the forum here Solved: Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV - Samsung Community - 6796 , which strangely is locked , despite their not being a proper solution , none of the responses  suggestions worked in my case , so hence why I am writing a new thread . 

The problem is actually planned obsolescence, since the Netflix   App only had  very few  updates ( possibly one?)  since the TV's release in 2016 . Compare this to android , which has a plethora, probably hundreds of Netflix Updates since 2016 . Of course Samsung would rather you buy a new TV than update the app , that would be too easy for them . 


And WTAF is this (bleow) why would Samsung specifically say that they are not responsible for their software , they literally wash their hands when there is a problem? 



Let me start by addressing this properly, if by some miracle that Samsung might be reading this . Its not good for customer loyalty , to keep old versions of apps on perfectly working hardware, this only leads to E-waste and global warming and worse , us not recommending Samsung Products .  Really manufacturers of hardware should take full responsibility of their OS and software . 


Now I digress to my workaround , for me the only way to get the buggy app to actually work , was to connect the set to a different internet connection. When I connected to this secondary Mobile phone ( my first mobile connection did not work either ) , I could then open the app and sign in . Once I was signed in , I was able to reconnect back to my primary ISP . 

Please note , there is no reason why netflix shouldn't work with my Primary ISP , since every other device with Netflix works just fine .  Its just that the app is so buggy 




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