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return QN90A for Adaptive/Intelligent Picture defect process

(Topic created: 04-09-2022 07:57 AM)
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Hello folks,

I have a two-part question, in hopes to minimize time/effort to that already wasted on a possibly defective product. In simple terms question 1 and question 2:

(1) Facts: Purchased yesterday a QN90A-65, new in box. Set up easily and mostly works. The predominant use is as mirror of my Macbook Pro connected via an HDMI at HDMI input #1. However, the tint on screen of really any given website depicted periodically will go yellowish and later recover. The round trip is typically under a minute. There are NO folks moving about the room, opening or closing windows (in home or on PC), turning on/off lights, etcetera. It is a stable, quiet environment. Even the webpage may be stationary (no clicking or scrolling). Yet this yellow-shift comes and then goes. The online Samsung tech was pretty good and connected via remote connect. To her credit she saw with her own eyes the issue in real time and confirmed this is really happening (Thank you May for being awesome!). I suspect the Adaptive Picture/Intelligent feature is at the root cause. Of course, I positively will NOT accept disabling a (when it works) valuable feature that enhances the capability of the new, near $3,000 (with sound bar) system! How is this issue properly addressed, now that it is fully confirmed by a Samsung agent, please? Indeed, this has occurred here on the Samsung Community webpage (yellowshift and return) in full screen, with no other windows displayed. The TV soft/firmware is updated.

(2) In the absence of a successful and responsive answer to (1) above, how is the TV returned for either (a) refund, or (b) exchange to an identical, or (c) exchange to a different yet fully working device, please? I am open to learning about Premium Care and Elite/Extended Warranty, although one was purchased at time of sale for 2 years. Frankly, one expects a Samsung agent who visits the product in the consumer's home will invariably "discover" the issue is somehow not Samsung's fault. So I do not really expect this request for help to Samsung Community to deliver any useful results. But at least, my responsibility to ask for support will have been completed (twice!) and documented before pursuing stronger action(s). Go ahead and surprise me, in a positive way or confirm my expectations. Your choice.

One hopes the questions and facts herein are clear, politely stated and appropriate to this forum. I have rights as a consumer in the US, in my state, under the Samsung warranty and the extended service agreement/warranty purchased. I have retained physical documentation of this purchase.

Disappointed, QN90A-frogorprice


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