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10 or 12m direction silver plated HDMI eARC Hdmi

I have a UN65Q900RBFXZA in my master bedroom with a Q90R soundbar. I have the one connect and and all my equipment in a utilities closet. The HDMI cable I use for my ARC doesn't pick up Atmos or Dolby digital + when connected to my one connect. What's the best directional silver plates hdmi cable I can use 10-12meters. 33 is the absolute shortest I can go and that's even cutting it. 11 meters is ideal but I'm not picky for my current situation. I saw AudioQuest came out with a Dragon eARC cable. But not sure if they/they'll make it for my length? 

Anyways I want a cable that won't break my bank to much and will be up to date for all 2.1hdmi coming out.