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2010 LCD TV C630 Series ( LN46C630K1F ) ( LN46C630K1FXZA )

(Topic created on: 1/19/21 9:49 PM)
4k, 8k and Other TVs

I have the XR15 - Voice remote (xfinity) and I have tried every code to be able to connect my xfinity remote to my tv. I cant turn on/off the tv or change the volume to the tv using my xfinity remote. I have tried all of these codes...12051, 10702, 10060, 11959, 10766, 10814, 10650, 10178, 13118, 11755 and not one have given me any luck.

I dont have the orignal remote to the tv.

Hopefully someone can help me,


Thank you


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