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2021 75" AU7100 - Intermitting Sound Popping/Crackling

(Topic created: 07-03-2021 01:53 AM)
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I picked up my TV yesterday. I have noticed that the sound will intermittently pop or crack. I have tried the following setups and it has been present on each occasion:


- Sound coming through the TV speakers

- Sound coming through Samsung Q60T Soundbar

- Soundbar connected via Bluetooth

- Soundbar connected via HDMI

- Aerial cable plugged in

- Aerial cable unplugged


All firmware is upgraded to the latest version available on the TV. The crackling/popping is not present on every load. Sometimes it happens every minute or so. Sometimes it does not happen at all. I have read both this and this both which do not resolve the issue.

This is quite frustrating as the TV is the 2021 model and the issues raised in the linked posts are from several years ago. I'd expect it to have been fixed by now.

Can anyone assist? (I am writing this now, oddly, while the speaker is not crackling/popping at all!).

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
4k, 8k and Other TVs

Regrettably, support for non-US models is quite limited. We would recommend reaching out to support in your region: https://www.samsung.com/us/common/visitlocationsite.html