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4k 49" TV, only 2 years old, flashing screen, sound intermittent

I've read the other posts, and none of them fixed my problem. I kept thinking it was my Comcast/Xfinity box. I called Comcast, their tech came out and checked every, single, component. All were fine. He unplugged everything except the tv, plugged in his little monitor thing to test it, and sure enough, it was an internal component inside the tv.  I just bought this tv less than 2 years ago, to replace another Samsung 40" hdtv that only lasted 7 years.  I had 2 Samsung pc monitors that died on me after 3 or 4 years. What is going on? I've researched and read that Samsung is using the wrong size capacitors inside their tv's and monitors, and that is why they all go kaput so fast. You guys really need to check quality control when assembling these TVs and monitors. Using too small of capacitors to save a couple dollars on each tv is only gonna make Samsung less worthy.

This is what my tv was doing:

Turned it on as usual, screen was black, 2 seconds later, dark blue flashing back to black after 1 second. A few more seconds pass and a quick flash of blue screen with intermittent sound.  I rebooted everything, checked all wiring, and I have good HDMI cables.  It never came back on, but did the flashy screen thing, and for a few times I saw, in red lettering, "SAMSUNG HDTV" or something like that (it was very fast, so not sure of exact wording).  Does anyone else have this problem or do you know the solution other than change HDMI cables?

Please help, I cannot afford to buy a new tv AGAIN.


Re: 4k 49" TV, only 2 years old, flashing screen, sound intermittent

One last important thing I forgot to mention was that the remotes on both my Comcast and Samsung would not turn the tv off. I had to unplug it. Maybe that will help someone in solving this very frustrating and expensive problem. I will get the model number and serial number when I get a response because it's late and I'm using an old jvc tv for now.