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50" MU6070 Smart 4K UHD TV Does Not Sync With Mt Samsung Account

Good afternoon. I hope someone can shed some light on this mystery.  

I have the above Samsung TV.  When I use the built-in browser sometimes I want to bookmark the page where I am so that I can return to it at a later time.  

When I click on the star to bookmark the page it always used to ask if I wanted the bookmark to be on the TV or on my Samsung account and I would select the Samsung option in case I wanted to use my phone or laptop to go back to this page.

Recently the bookmarks for the Samsung account do not show up anymore on the TV.  It says it is signed in to my Samsung account but the bookmarks do not show up.   

I can use my laptop or my phone to see the bookmarks.  They are still there but the TV does not show them anymore. 

I have already gone to the settings to make sure that sync is on and I have even deleted the account from the TV and put it back on.  Still nothing. 

Any suggestions?