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55" Series 6 , No menu, Black screen, yet Apple TV works with no sound, other weird issues

Hi, I've had my TV for about three years now and suddenly it just started acting very strange. My googleshooting is betting me nowhere, so I'm posting here. Thank you for any help.


Samsung Series 6 UHD 4K 55"

Model #: UE55KU6075U (I'm an American living in Denmark, so this is a DK model.. I can't get help on their local site because I don't know the language well enough)


List of symptoms:

  • Black screen
  • Won't turn on with remote
  • Only way to turn on is to hold power button on back of TV for 5 seconds.
  • When TV turns on "Smart TV displays" then it goes blank (looks like maybe there is a very dim light.. ie its not as dark as when the TV is off, but still very dark/blank)
  • Oddly if I connect my Apple TV (via HDMI), is will display, but there is NO volume (I can get volume via a wireless headset though). This was the last setting/input the TV was on before issues.
  • I cannot access ANY Menus. Pressing settings, Home, volume, etc on the remote will display NOTHING.
  • I CAN access the menu via the reboot USB (more on this below).

Troubleshooting I've tired:

  • Unplug, hold down the power button on TV for 30+ seconds, replug in.
  • Unplug overnight
  • Removing all connections (HDMI, soundbar, etc).
  • USB stick boot: It is really strange, I tried the USB stick and it told me that my software was up to date. BUT this gave me access to the menu. While in the menu, I was able to run the screen test (fine, showed beautiful picture), sound test (fail - code:001 - I think), wifi network connection - it wouldn't connect.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 




Re: 55" Series 6 , No menu, Black screen, yet Apple TV works with no sound, other weird issues

Did you ever end up getting the TV working? I am facing similar issues with my UN55KU6290 model. Thanks.