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Re: 65” KS8000 dark shadow center of panel


We had the same problem. Samsung supposedly gave us a one time warrenty for parts and labor and sent us to USSI for repair. USSI cancelled the ticket stating their service person was overbooked and couldn't take the ticket. Contacted Samsung back and they created a new ticket with the warranty still intact. USSI cancelled the service and stated that Samsung had cancelled the ticket. Went through this 4 times , all 4 cancelled. Then contacted Samsung and asked if I could get permission to go to a local service center and have them send Samsung the bill for the parts and Labor. I was informed that they could only use USSI for the repair, so that I was out of luck. 2 year old 55 inch TV to the garbage. Thanks much Samsung. I echo the prior post. Will never buy anything Samsung again. IMG_0866.JPG