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65” Samsung QLED Model: QN65Q6FNAF continuously turned off/on

I was in the middle of watching a tv show on Netflix when all of a sudden the tv decides to shut off on its own.


I've also tried disconnect all smart devices, such as PlayStation and Bluetooth sound system from the tv. Someone posted an article stating that the communications could be getting crossed between the tv and other smart devices.


I have manually turned the tv off with the power button located on the tv itself.


I attempted to turn the tv back on with the remote, but it is responding properly. I have used another remote and changing batteries in it. It literally looks like my tv is possessed because it'll cut onto the "black" screen, and about 3 seconds later, it cuts off. It's almost as if the tv is in a never ending reboot cycle. It's like the tv is having seizures! It doesn't stay on long enough for me to see the typical "Samsung" logo screen, therefore, I'm unable to even get the a menu screen to try factory resetting the tv. I saw an article suggesting to shut the tv off for 5 minutes and turn it back on. If that didn't work then to unplug the tv and plug the tv directly into the wall. I have tried that with no resolution.


I went onto YouTube to see if there may be any videos on how to fix this issue. So far, what I've gathered is Samsung is VERY WELL AWARE of their products doing this, but yet, still unwilling to fix the issue.


I contacted Samsung via phone and the representative asked me when I purchased the tv. It was after Christmas of 2019. Here we are in May 2020, so LESS THAN 6 months and the TV is crapping out. I provided the representative with the model and serial number. He stated the TV was manufactured back in April 2018 and surpassed the 1 year manufacturer's warranty. He proceeded to tell me there is nothing that can be done, unless I had a receipt for proof of purchase. Unfortunately, we did not hang on to the receipt... the representative suggested to contact the merchant of where we purchased the tv, WalMart, and see if they can provide us with a copy of the receipt. However, because we did not purchase this online and have it shipped to us, but rather, in the store, WalMart does not have records unless we have a specific time, date and know the exact register that we check out at.


Needless to say, Samsung pretty much is telling their customers too bad, you now are a proud owner of a $2,000+ paper weight- unless you want to fork out a few hundred more for their service to "attempt" to fix this.


I am trying to see if anyone else is having this same issue and if they were able to find a resolution. I have never dealt with a company they really doesn't care for their customers. All they care about is making money for products that don't even last 6 months. (2 of those months, it sat on a shelf, in the box, unused, until we moved into our home at the beginning of March 2020).


As I told that representative, this is the LAST TIME I purchase anything from Samsung. Considering we have (4) 65" Samsung TVs. I will not support a company that doesn't care about their customers or try to fix a WELL-KNOWN issue.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: 65” Samsung QLED Model: QN65Q6FNAF continuously turned off/on

Hello there, I see that you did speak with our phone support a few days ago. It looks like they are requesting your bill of sale to update your warranty. They may have advised you to contact your place of purchase to obtain that information. Without the bill of sale we are unable to update your warranty.


Your limited warranty with us begins on the original date of purchase.


The original dated bill of sale must be presented upon request as proof of purchase to Samsung or Samsung's authorized service center.


More information on your warranty is found in your user's manual and on



Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions or concerns. ---->

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