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8 Series 4k UHD TV Anynet+

I recently purchased a 65" 8 Series 4K UHD TV. My set up is that I have a Klipsch soundbar connected to the tv via the HDMI-ARC (HDMI 4) port. I have my Apple TV 4K, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch connected to the soundbar. So the idea is that it's a receiver set up.


If I have Anynet+ turned on and I push virtually any button on the Apple TV remote, the Samsung will switch from HDMI 4 to HDMI 1 (no devices are plugged in to that source). If I have Anynet+ turned off, then all functions as normal (but the tv does not properly recognize the soundbar as a receiver).


Having Anynet+ turned on isn't a huge ordeal because it truly isn't that incovenient to push one more button on a remote, but it would be nice to only have to keep one remote (the Apple TV remote) out to control everything.


Has anyone had any success with changing settings to make this work?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: 8 Series 4k UHD TV Anynet+

ARC is so that you can connect everything to the television. With your current set up, you can use any port on the television since the soundbar is only sending video to the television, no audio so no Audio Return Channel.


I'm not sure of the capabilities of the Apple TV remote but I don't think you'll be able to use it to control everything. You will always need the Apple TV remote unless you purchase a 3rd party remote that is pre-programmed to work with Apple TVs.


Personally, I wouldn't use the soundbar as a receiver. I would connect all of the devices to the television and then utilize either ARC to the soundbar or use Optical from the television to the soundbar. Your games will likely run smoother this way.