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8k content/streaming problems

(Topic created on: 1/28/21 10:46 AM)
4k, 8k and Other TVs
So I have the Q900RB and I'm having issues with any 8k content, YouTube videos do not stream at 8k I aware some newer tvs have the ability to actually stream them, also I recently purchased the s21 ultra and the 8k videos do not stream on the TV I figured that might work but nope, and I also tried the Nasa video shot in 8k still nothing. Possibly format issues for the nasa video but an 8k video straight from a galaxy should work right? Aside from retail mode is there anyway to actually use the 8k capabilities of the tv through stream or YouTube? Will there be another future update to fix the issue? 
Any tips or information would help thank you!
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4k, 8k and Other TVs

Anyone who bought the 2018/2019 Q900R, Q900RB, or Q950R in EU markets were fooled into buying a television that can't deliver what it advertised. All early adopters of 8k Samsung TVs bankrolled future years hardware and were victims of FOMO which only benefits the manufacturer. 

No Earc, no Dolby Vision, no 8k YouTube, USB 8k barely works, no 8k content. Only ONE HDMI 2.1 port even on the ridiculous $99,999.99 98" Q900RB and it doesn't support all the specs people need/want... it's an absolutely disgusting insult to anyone who bought a 2018 or 2019 8k Samsung TV but their silent treatment and misinformation only shows proof they don't care... they got paid. Prove me wrong and update these televisions with the features people expected these televisions to have Samsung. I'll hold my breath and wait lol.

Pretty screen though right guys? Suckers... (don't feel bad I got fooled too). 82" Q900RB fooled...