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ARC and CEC stopped working after 1260.8 firmware update

Hello there,


I've a Samsung UE50NUT7400 connected with an home theatre Onkyo TX-NR575E via HDMI cable (ARC port).


Before updating the firmware to 1260.8 version everything was fine:

-the audio coming from the TV was reproduced by the Onkyo just via HDMI ARC cable

-if the Onkyo was on, the audio was automatically reproduced through it, otherwise the audio was reproduced from the TV, without changing any settings from the TV menu (I think in the menu there was an option related to this automatic switching, now it's missing)

-using the tv remote controller I managed to swith on/off the Onkyo as well as controlling its volume


After updating the firmware to 1260.8 version:
-I can't reproduce the audio coming from the TV unless I use an additional optical audio cable

-every time I want to change the speakers (TV or Onkyo), I've to select them manually from the TV settings menu (TV speakers or optical audio, there's no option for ARC function)

-every time I switch on/off the Onkyo I've to run the Smart Remote function in order to connect the Onkyo to the TV, otherwise I can't use the TV remote controller for increasing/decreasing the Onkyo volume
-the TV remote controller is no more able to switch on/off the Onkyo even if the Anynet+ option is enabled

Does anybody else have similar problems?
Is supposed to come a new firmware to fix this?
Is there anything that I can do to restore my TV to previous settings and/or downgrading the firmware?


Cosmic Ray

Re: ARC and CEC stopped working after 1260.8 firmware update

I am afraid not! Samsung doesn't allow firmware rollback, so you cannot restore the settings working with the previous fw. We can only hope for a new firmware update! I cannot understand how Samsung thinks! And it's not only me...