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What the point on a preinstalled that tells you that you can delete it but when you delete it just comes back I noticed at on a lot of Samsung TV's plus what the point backing these apps into the soft were we can't uninstall them they are just sitting there wasting space and power because there running it's the same with phones,tablets,consoles and some other devices if you can get the app from the store then there shouldn't be apps that are built into the software where we can't uninstall now or delete the.

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Cosmic Ray
4k, 8k and Other TVs

Spotify huh lol


I asked the same question to an agent otf, instead of her reporting the issue or explaining why this is happening, she just ignored everything I said and told me what I already knew about preinstalled apps being non-removable. That annoyed me so bad, that I quickly ushered the conversation to another issue I was having smh.


The main thing is this, it's a bug and it needs to be patched. If Spotify is indeed considered a non-removable preinstalled app (which I hope it isn't lol), there shouldn't be a delete option. All the other preinstalled apps on the platform, behave the way most historical Samsung bloat should, option for deletion of any of them, are greyed out.