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AirPlay Samsung 8 Series Not Working

I have just purchased a 65 inch TU8000 and am trying to connect AirPlay from my iPhone/iPad. I can see the TV in my phone's AirPlay list but when I click it the TV screen just turns black. My iPhone prompts me for the code to play but I can't see the code as the screen is black. If I go into the TV AirPlay settings I get the same thing - I click and the screen goes black. Sometimes the AirPlay option within settings is even greyed out. I have been able to play YouTube from my iPhone using the TV app but for all other AirPlay streams it doesn't work. I've also been able to connect via bluetooth to play audio through the TV but not video via AirPlay. I have the latest software updated on both iPhone and TV and I have tried changing the DNS settings on the TV and the iPhone but no luck.


Re: AirPlay Samsung 8 Series Not Working

I have the same problem. Airplay used to automatically work but suddenly stopped working.