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Airplay not stable

I have the Samsung 50" Smart 4K Crystal HDR UHD TV TU7000 Series. The airplay function is very unstable, that it works sometimes but not always. I use a mac and iphone (both upgraded to the latest system) for airplay. I'm using xfinity 5G wifi. 


I'm having the following problems: 

1) When my mac can connect to the TV via airplay, my iphone cannot even after I have ended screen mirroring from my mac. Vice versa, when my iphone can do airplay, my mac cannot. Note that I'm not trying to connect two devices at the same time; I have ended the connection from one device before trying to connect another one. 

2) The airplay can sometimes work for a while, but suddently it just fails. 


Something I've done that SOMETIMES get airplay to work again: 

- Change the name of the TV from the "SmartThings" app. 


Restart, Reset, Refresh never works for me. 


Could some people offer a solution based on my description? I need a stable airplay connection from both my mac and iphone. I appreciate your help. 


Re: Airplay not stable

Apple devices always seem to have this issue. The way I fixed my brother's was to forget the network and re-add. Hope it helps.