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Analog TV connection

I am interested in the QN55Q80T but it has no analog audio output. A deal breaker for me is the ability to connect TV sound to my exising amplifier, an excellent vintage, but with no digital inputs. So two questions:

(1) what if any Samsung TVs have analog stereo audio outputs?

(2) does anyone have sure positive expeerience connecting a Samsung TV's optical digitial output to a small DAC converter, and then connecting the DAC to the RCA analog inputs of an amplifier (or receiver) ?


Thank you.


p.s. I will buy a comparable Sony if I can't get answers. Having failed to find any way to email Samsung for techincal help (neither chat nor phone have the skill to answer this), a quick search revealed that Samsung customer service in notoriously bad, a deal breaker for me.


Re: Analog TV connection

More and more new models of any kind of technology get away from older types of connections (unfortunately). Case in point newer model tv's have fewer connections, and what's there is generally just HDMI, USB, and coaxial, and maybe an optical or some other general audio connection.


Not that I personally know a lot about the higher tech, but I find more and more the need for all kinds of crazy adapters. Sometimes when the major makers don't make some kind of particular adapter within a short period, they likely don't intend to try very hard to adapt different technology or different brands or whatever. That's not to say it's impossible. For some things I've had to search far and wide to find unusual adapters to connect things (like a year ago I went looking for some kind of adapter with a USB-C male connector and a female lightning connector end, in order to use some unusual special wire I acquired). Sometimes it winds up being some completely unknown maker that makes something cheaply, or an unusual configuration, and you can get stuff directly from some china supplier. For whatever reason the major makers decide it's not worth their time to make certain connectors, or they don't find it feasible to get licensing from other companies for permission to get their devices connectable to certain types of things or brands.


Good luck with your search for an adapter that works.