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Another 75 inch QF7 TV with Vertical lines

I purchased this this a few weeks before Super Bowl 2018. A few noticed a small white dot like a missing pixel above the Samsung logo dead center maybe 1/2 a inch above the border. I had Samsung come out to repair  the technician came out and installed a new screen "who know if it was new or a referd instead of issuing me a credit to buy a new one. This was after maybe 20 calls and troubleshooting attempts over the phone. I paid close to $3k this Tv was not on sale I wante the QLED but couldn't afford $4k at the time for the 75inch. Now the 75 QLED is less then what I paid for the 75 inch QF7. After the screen was replaced I noticed the lines and called and was told i was 1 week outside of my 1 year warranty. 


The technician didn't fix my problem but made it worse because instead of a tiny pin hole white dot. I knave what looks like fresh lines when a landscaper cuts grass. 

samsung pretty much told me to kick rocks! I have 7 Samsung TV's in my house and this was my most expensive TV and the only one that has these lines.


Now looking and seeing this was not an isolated issues. Im confused and concerned how Samsung can sell a product that is not the quality advertised  and wont issues credit or a replacement at no cost,  I would of been satisfied with a free service call to fix the issue thier technician caused becuse Samsung was too cheap to replace the TV knowing it was a lemon. 

Please help so I can enjoy watching TV and again and not be reminded every time i turn the TV on that Samsung pretty much said screw you. Lesson learned dont buy quality TV's from Samsung save $ your cash and by the entry level so when i goes bad in 12 months a 7 days becuse of a technical issues caused by a Samsung technician you are beat for $3k. 

Thank you Samsung for losing a long time supporter, Maybe LG will be happy to have my 7 TV's part of the LG family