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Audio cutting in & out on TU8000 75inch

The audio on my 8 week old 2020 model TU8000 75inch keeps cutting in and out while watching tv. 

I recently purchased and connected the new Sonos Arc with Gen 3 sub and play one surrounds. This is the only device connected to my also new Samsung TV via the HDMI cable to the ARC port on the TV. The TV supports eARC which is why I purchased it knowing I was getting the Sonos Soundbar so I could enjoy Dolby Atmos content. 

The sound settings under the Digital Output  Audio Format only show 2 options - 

1. PCM or 2. AUTO.  I have my setting on Auto.  There is no option to select Dolby Digital or other formats like there is on other model Samsung TV's so I assume Auto is the correct option as it displays Atmos on my Sonos App when this is working. 

The HDMI-eARC is switched to Off but still gives me Dolby Atmos when playing a movie ect. (Strange but I was advised to have these settings). 

My issue is with the audio cutting out. This can occur at any time either when I first turn the TV on or after watching the TV for a few hours and change the channel to another station it can then start. Generally the audio cutting in and out will last from 2min up to 10 min before the Audio becomes normal/stable and I can finally watch it. 

Sonos have advised the ARC receives the audio info/format from the TV so the TV is the source point (makes sense) but this is very frustrating that I cannot even simply watch normal TV let alone a movie until the audio stabilises. 

Anyone else have this issue or have a fix/solution? 
Will Samsung solve this 'connection' issue on this 2020 model TV with the the Sonos Arc soundbar and work with Sonos to fix this problem? If so when will this happen? 

Thank you