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Bad Samsung 4k 65" Curve TV

I just got off the phone with a samsung employee who has informed me that I live in a remote area and a technician can not come out here to service my tv. I have taken it to a local tv repair man who has said its the panel itself that is bad and costs as much as a tv to replace. This happened because of faulty samsung hardware. My tv has been hanging on a wall for over 2 years without anyone touching it and it's really unfortunate that samsung does not admit their faults in products and back their products for the consumer. I will be making sure that this very common problem was not fixed and will not be fixed by samsung. I will not be a samsung customer anymore and spreading the word about samsungs faulty products. It's very unfortunate that even after the lawsuit samsung has been through they still won't make lasting products. 


Re: Bad Samsung 4k 65" Curve TV

Yes! Mine did the same thing and i balieve it was due to the firmare in december of 2018 that caused it, after i updated it started to make a poping static sound from the back of the tv and i figured somthing was going bad and it did, the display was bad.


Samsung replaced mine with the support from geek squad and it was a simple swap of a few boards and cables and my tv is running but i heard the popping sound again abd it has been doing it until just now, i noticed a 1270 update and updated by usb and now it don't pop like static on the back of the tv.


I asked a rep from samsung if there were voktage changes done to the power supply board through the firmware and they said no.


But there had to be because my display shoukd had not went bad after 6 months but it did.


Im sorry yours went bad in 2 years but being i fix tv's or use too, i got the extended 5yr warrenty because i know how cheap they make there parts.


Right now the firmware is working smoothly voltage wise but i won't know about the other stuff till i use them like xbox or dvd player.


Hope this helps someone.