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Bad support

(Topic created: 10-18-2021 10:09 AM)
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I am confused with Samsung support. I registered my Samsung 55 "led tv 4k ultra hd model n ° UN55F9000AFXZA because I got an announcement on the screen that there are problems with the cooling fan and it can cause an overhead, but they tell me that now There is no guarantee for my TV and that if they come to check it I will have to pay a cost to come to the house to make the change and for the parts that have to be changed and the cost will be provided by them, I understand that my TV already has its years but it is a big TV and I called Samsung again to help me in how to try to deliver my TV and maybe they will give me a discount to buy a new one and they tell me that this is no longer their problem that I see how to Get rid of my tv, what and now that I do with such a big tv, Samsung should have a place or a telephone line to recycle its devices and see how to help its customers, very bad support, this shows that he only cares about selling and not helping in the care of the planet

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