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Best Settings on 4K UHD 50'' TV (RU7100) for Gaming

I just bought a new 50'' 4K UHD TV (RU7100) along with Red Dead Redemption 2 for my Xbox One S. I was really excited to see how awesome the graphics would look on the TV but after countless hours tweaking the settings and reading articles/watching videos on the best settings I've come to the conclusion that I need some help! haha I really like the vibrant, bright colors while playing RDR2 on the "dynamic" setting with the "game mode" set to "off" but I feel like the graphics are still a bit "flat". In "game mode" I know it helps with the the lag time but it significantly takes away from the HDR vibrant colors. I've turned off game mode, all the eco system settings, and as stated earlier I've tweaked and tried all the different settings on the tv and my xbox. I'm just  underwhelmed when it comes to the details and sharpness of the graphics. I can post a picture if that helps anyone. Is there a special cord I'm missing? Or some hidden setting? Below I'll list out what I'm currently running. Please let me know if there's anything I didn't mention or offer any advice you may have! 


TV Settings

My two favorite picture modes are "dynamic'' and "movie"

Ambient Light - Turned off

Motion Lighting - Turned off

Auto Motion Plus - Turned off

Digital Clean View - Turned on

Contrast Enhancer - Turned to low or high

Game Mode - Turned off

Picture Size - 16:9 Standard


Xbox One Settings

Screen Resolution - 4K UHD

Allow 50Hz - Turned on

Allow 24Hz - Turned on

Allow YCC 4:2:2 - Turned on

Video Fidelity -  Auto Detect

Color Depth - 36 bits per pixel (12-bit)



Re: Best Settings on 4K UHD 50'' TV (RU7100) for Gaming

Yup join the club apparently lol I was stoked when I first got my Q70r and even more excited the time loading up rdr2 on it. But its been a very unimpressive experience ever since that little bit of excitement. Tho I’ll say rdr2 doesn’t implement hdr very well so that’s the only game I’ll not blame the tv for the lackluster picture quality. Also I’m sure you are well aware but just in case, you have played with red dead’s hdr setting in game correct? And if you change to 4k while playing you need to restart the game. If you paused rdr2 and if under the display setting it say “Brightness Calibration” instead of “Hdr Calibration” then you need to close the game and reboot it or you won’t be able to change the hdr settings that make a big difference. For everything else tho I can’t really help you lol since I feel the same way after using just about every setting combo to see what looks the best and I’ve pretty much just accepted that my expectations must’ve been too or I have a faulty set. I just don’t really wanna have to try and carry this tv or haul it somewhere to get fixed or get a replacement. Im confident I’ll end up cracking the screen 


Re: Best Settings on 4K UHD 50'' TV (RU7100) for Gaming

The difference is in the Xbox. If you have a base Xbox One this game doesn't take full advantage of these tvs. An Xbox One X absolutely looks stunning with either of those Tvs. Not too sure about Xbox One S