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Bixby doesn’t work while Netflix is open.

Bixby cannot be reached while Netflix is open. When i hit the mic button on the remote, the Bixby icon immediately shoes up and next to it in red lettering, a message reads "Netflix does not respond to voice commands. Please us your remote." It won't even allow me to say commands that have nothing to do with Netflix such as adjust the backlight, open another app, etc. While i'm in other apps, i can tell Bixby to open Netflix, and that works fine. Once Netflix is on the screen though, it's as if it completely overrides Bixby's abilities to listen to commands.


The above is my main concern/annoyance.


I've also noticed that if I use the general search tool on the tv, it will come up with the program i've searched and then tell me how to watch it, weather it be in Disney+, Hulu, Amazon, HBO max, etc.... EXCEPT FOR Netflix. Like if I search for "The Office", it will come up with all these watch options: Apple TV, Fandango Now, Google Play, VUDU, Prime. All of which you have to pay, btw, but it won't offer me to watch it on Netflix. So i thought maybe the search function only wants to show you stuff you have to pay for. Not so. I searched "Bob's Burgers" and the first thing that comes up in the watch options is "HULU: watch now, free with your subscription"


What the heck is up with this TV & Netflix?


Also i spent hours on the phone with both Samsung and Netflix this morning. They were no help at all.


Does anyone have any information about this at all? I'd honestly settle for an explanation of why this is never going to work. I just hate being left in the dark. Like i feel as though both Samsung and Netflix know exactly why it doesn't work and they're  not allowed to say "we're in a pissing match with the other company and it's never gonna work for you, sorry."


TV model # QN65Q6FNA


Any info would be super helpful. Thanks