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Black Cloud on my brand New QLED Q800T

BLACK CLoud in middle of my 8K screen (Bought in USA  June 2020) QLED Q800T

Black Cloud in middle of my 8K screen (Bought in USA June 2020) QLED Q800T

BLACK Cloud in middle of my 8K screen (Bought in USA June 2020) QLED Q800T



its my 14th Samsung Smart TV I buy in row... Wonder if my last. I took my TV from USA to Venezuela It worked ok  two months ( almost not used), after two movies showed a black cloud almost in the middle of screen, I chatted with Sansung Panama, they to USA support. 


Now I know Warranty its different from Sony, (samsung its not international warranty)

After searching on internet I guess Its a led from backlight which failed

I know I wont receive any support from Samsung, so I ask anyone on this community whom could have a manual service for QLED Q800T 2020

Thanks in Advance!!


By the way: Video and  Photo test are normal almost imperceptible. Factory reset was done without solve de trouble.





Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Black Cloud on my brand New QLED Q800T

So with this kind of thing, you have 2 options: 

1. purchase the service manual on and attempt the service yourself or have a tech complete it ( I know you are outside the US right now but if you do come back within your one-year warranty and did do self-repair on the TV, that will void your warranty)

2. You can send the TV to someone you trust in the US, and have the TV fixed under your warranty. (you will have to pay for the shipping from Venezuela to the US address and vice versa)


If you opt for option 2, please shoot me a private message with the full model and serial number.

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Re: Black Cloud on my brand New QLED Q800T


I appreciate your care about my business



Option 2:

Pro: probably I will get a new TV set

Cons: around 1000$  to ship there and back,  plus custom "problem" here


Option 1:

Service Manual 12 $

Repair it, If its not the screen  less than 1000$ 

Pro: I dont have to send it and wait, I will not have  to deal with custom


Cons: Warranty will be void.....3400 $ plus taxes Lesson learned!  Samsung does not have international warranty, so its not for US Militar personal, nor international corporation employees


This will be my last samsung, I've should learned with my last Note 10