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Black vertical Line on 4K 55" TV

(Topic created on: 2/18/21 10:37 PM)
4k, 8k and Other TVs

My TV is only 1 year and a few months. All of a sudden a black shadow appeared and it doesn't go away. Scouring through this website for solutions; I've instead come to find out that this particular issue is a known and prolific, widespread. Samsung doesn't provide any responses on the forums either. Instead, the individual users are asked to contact them privately and who knows what happens then. 

The first inital response is to say if you are out of warranty, you are out of luck. When folks push further, suddenly a solution presents itself. This is akin to being sold a lemon of a car - Samsung knows the problem existed for years and they continue selling the TVs with no fixes. That's not a warranty issue, that's a lemon situation.

I've talked to customer service and I'm getting the run around like you don't know what - I've been told twice already that the repair costs would be covered. Then I call back for further instructions or wait for a phone call that never comes and then I'm told, that my memory is incorrect, that because I'm out of warranty, I'm out of luck.

Got to get the word out that this is a serious issue. Samsung has yet to come out to say, here's the fix. I'm getting on Better Business Bureau which also has thousands of logs of the same complaint on their website. Also posting on Twitter and Reddit sites so individuals contemplating purchasing are aware of the many complaints on this particular problem.

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