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Bluetooth connectivity on un50js7000fxza

I have the tv listed above. It has Bluetooth, but it says it on,y connects to Samsung Bluetooth devices.  I want to connect wireless headphones.   I tried connecting a simple Bluetooth speaker.  It pairs and it connects but I get no sound.  I made sure multiple audio output was turned on as My tv is connected to a receiver and external speakers.  I figure if I could get sound out of the blue tooth speaker I could get sound out of ear buds. But so far no success.


can anyone help.  I don't have wireless ear buds yet that is why I haven't tried that route.  Don't want to get them and the. Find out I can't use them 





Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Bluetooth connectivity on un50js7000fxza

The Multi Output Audio will only work with the bluetooth device and the TV speakers. If the audio is being sent to a receiver, you may be able to connect the headphones to the receiver.

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